TUESDAY INFOGRAPHIC: St. Patrick's Day Lucky Trivia

Let me just say, I am not Irish. I was always really sad in school, because I felt like every kid in my class was Irish but me, and they got a day all to themselves. "What about the Italians!?", I would ask my mother. She would tell me how our day was St. Joseph's Day, but we did not get to wear red and eat zeppole at school! Irish kids had all the luck.

Well, someone just said to me that everyone is Irish on St Patrick's day. So I am going with that. And when my daughter gets a snarky question about her "Irishness" when she wears her Snoopy "Kiss Me I'm Irish!" shirt in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I will tell her to tell those snooty kids the same.

ENJOY and Happy St. Patrick's Day from this first generation Italian. Be safe!

7 Lucky Facts about St Patrick's Day [Infographic]
Via: DegreeSearch.org



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