WOMANHOOD: What is a wife really?

My dear friend and writer, Kathleen, refers herself to her husband as a V.P. of Operations in her household. And I have come to use that term myself around my house. It makes my husband laugh, and we can all use a chuckle now and then.

But,  it is true. After all,  who...

finds mittens
finds the lost sock
finds addresses
finds that pickle jar that is staring right at you right behind the mayo (just move a jar over, a whole world awaits you on the refrigerator shelf!)
coordinates 5+ schedules
sews buttons and hems pants
coordinates buying gifts and wrapping them on behalf of the family
writes cards and thank yous (especially to n-laws so husbands HAVE a relationship with their family)
cares for pets
cooks & bakes for pot lucks and activity events
contacts the schools and teachers to discuss anything of concern
helps with homework and coordinates purchasing or getting any materials needed for homework

If I go on. I will get tired. Hell, I am the V.P. of Operations in my household. I already AM tired!

*disclaimer: I love my husband. He is a doll and helps me A LOT. If it were not for him helping all the time, I would not even have time to have this blog. I will have to give him a title as well. Let me think on it.



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