TUESDAY INFOGRAPHIC: New Year's Resolutions

I loved this infographic. I loved some of the resolutions on it. I also am a sucker for the color peach/coral. I love beautiful typesetting.

A couple things jumped out at me.

I think I do sweat once a day, but its not from working out. LOL! Its usually "Oh crap, I left the milk out all day" or "What do you mean the client wanted to see three more ideas by tomorrow and I agreed to it?" kind of sweat. So does that mean I am covered there?

I can't move somewhere interesting. I am pretty much chained to my house until my child goes to college. But I do think Chicago is pretty darn interesting. It's the 2nd city, baby!

So, here are the ones I am going to focus on based on this infographic:
Adopt a normal sleep schedule.
Get out of debt.
Make more things fun.
Save money.
Get ride of useless things.

The whole lose-weight thing...Geesh. I am always trying to do that, I'm a girl! New year's isn't going to magically change that.

What about you?


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