TUESDAY INFOGRAPHIC: Home Gardening in a Nutshell

Today in good ol' Chi-town, we flirted with 60 degrees. It is the last day of January, and we had the warmest day since 78 years ago!

So, I have a Spring vibe going on. I know it won't last. I know Chicago is a cruel temptress when it comes to Winter weather. She will tease you with sunny love and then smack you upside the head with SNOWMAGEDDON...like last year's blizzard that landed ironically on the same day as today.

Well, I wanted to revel in spring for today in honor of our very nice day. So here is an infographic that breaks out the most popular vegetables to plant in the country and some other fun garden tidbits.

*Siiiigh. Makes me want to dust off the garden journal and start planning.


And visit http://www.mnn.com where I found this, it has some great posts and articles!


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