INFOGRAPHIC TUESDAY: Thanksgiving on a Budget

This infographic was sent to me to feature, and it has some handy tips and suggestions on how to keep costs down on Thanksgiving. Given the rising crazy food costs, Thanksgiving is not a cheap endeavor by any means! (case in point, we made a Boboli pizza last night and not only was it at least 20% smaller in size than usual but the price went up to 5 BUCKS! GEESH! For a disc of BREAD!? SHAME ON YOU BOBOLI! SHAME!)

Ok. I digress. But I had to get that off my chest, it was so outrageous.

So, this infographic is pretty fun, and extensive (it looks like it goes on forever, right?). I jumped for joy to see my favorite store, Costco, is a great place to get good prices- as well as Target (my second favorite). Walmart is cheap but I can't stand the "juju" in there. It's hard to explain. It just has bad energy. Its not an "experience". Its just a "let me get the stuff off my list at the cheapest price possible and get out" kind of place. But that's just me. It also has good suggestions on paring back on certain things to keep costs down, like liquor.

Although try and tell my Italian family we are cutting back on wine this year?  Yeaaah. Not so much. 

But making a punch or special festive drink concoction is a great idea to stretch your alcohol!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have much to be grateful for, don't we!? God bless and safe travels to you and your families!

Thanksgiving infographic



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