KITCHEN: Is Your Kitchen Trying to Kill You? Safety first!

No, it is isn't a new horror flick out for Halloween! I was invited to share this nifty infographic about kitchen safety with all of you. I have to say, I need to read up on the knife stuff. I cut myself being stupid with a frozen bagel last year and it easily took 6 months for the scar to go away! While healing, it even reopened by a child's ice skate when she plowed into me at a skating event for scouts. Her blade went right into my week old cut and BANG! Shearing pain and puffiness. I probably needed stitches...but we moms are TOUGH!

And it only takes 10 bacteria to make a person ill. That stat is surprising!

Enjoy and be safe out there! And thank you,, for sending it to me to share! Well done!

Your Kitchen is Trying to Kill You:  Tips for staying safe in the kitchen (Infographic)

Source by JES Restaurant Equipment


  1. That's a lot of informational infographic. Thanks for sharing them.

    - fitted kitchens enthusiast


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