PRODUCT REVIEW: Windrift Hill Goat's Milk Body Products

First of all, let me point out that I am very particular about what I review for readers. I get asked by many products and companies to review them and talk about them. I have turned everyone of them down except for Random House to review a book from an author whom I adore. Whatever I am going to talk about and recommend needs to be honest and true, and align with who I am and what this blog is about. So pretty much all the product posts so far have been completely unsolicited and honest. When I discover something amazing, and I think my readers can benefit from it, I want to talk about it and support that product or service as well.

And that goes especially for this very small company I discovered this winter coming back from a ski weekend in Wisconsin. We stopped at a great cheese/specialty food shop off the highway called The Mousehouse. (if ever in southern Wisconsin, stop by. You will not be disappointed. You can order cheese online, too.) As my husband was paying, I explored their bath and body section, and they had testers out for this homespun looking lotion made from goat's milk. I tried the "lively apricot", and was hurried out the door by the hubby (you know how husbands LOVE shopping...) Anyway, in the car, I could not believe how great my hands felt. They were as soft as silk, and smelled delicious! The lotion just soaked right into my dry, winter skin. So the whole ride home and months after, I lamented not grabbing a jar. I didn't remember the name of the product at all. But I remembered how great my hands felt and it haunted me! Seriously!

Finally, one day I had the great idea to e-mail the Mousehouse, and they promptly told me it was a product line from Windrift Hill. The Mousehouse wanted me to order from them, but I decided to support the farm directly and ordered my cherished lively apricot body butter from them. Deena, one of the owners, was so sweet and sent a handwritten note of thanks. She also sent me two samples. One was a peach hand soap made from goat's milk, and another was the lighter hand lotion in the scent "Citrus Sun".

First of all, the body butter is much thicker than the lotion (see above), so it takes a little longer to absorb. But with garden season approaching, I need something heavy duty. If you like things a little lighter, the lotion is wonderful and soaks right in. The soap also left a wonderful, mild scent and had a silkening affect on my hands. They have a very long line of various scents to try in soap, lotions, bath salts and body butters. They also have lip balms, body bars and shampoos that I have not tried yet. I am going to turn my friend on to "The Serious Bar", with "neem" that has an antibacterial, antiviral, anti parasitic qualities for skin disorders with real pink grapefruit juice for astringency. My friend has a serious eczema problem on her hands and nothing is working, so maybe that may help!

Here is the kicker for all these products, they are all natural. When 60% of whatever comes in contact with your skin gets absorbed by YOU (I stole that from their little brochure but holy moly that blew my mind!), it gets you thinking that maybe you should be able to read what's on the labels of what you are using on your skin? Goat's milk is easily absorbed and has great healthy qualities. Everything Windrift Hill makes is handcrafted, and I think considering all that, the prices are very reasonable. (lip balms: 3 bucks, 8 oz. lotion: $8.50, etc.)

I urge you to go to their site and check them out, and give one of their products a try. My gardener's hands are happy as can be, and I know you will be too!



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