GARDENING: Garden Plan a Week, Week 5, TREE-RIFFIC Shade garden

Early beginnings of garden plan below
Early beginnings of garden plan below

Ok, I'm sorry, I am a little behind on the garden plan a week thing. Easter hit our home like a freight train, and I missed some garden plans for y'all. Let me make it up to you with this nifty tree plan for shade that I have been working on since I inherited my shade garden from our home's previous owners. This bed is under a magnolia tree, and as some of you gardeners out there know, gardening under a large tree is challenging (lack of light, lack of water). But after many of my plants went to shade-plant heaven, I seem to have come to the right mix that's working.

This plan has a lot of different leafy textures to make the bed very interesting after blooms have faded. It also includes popping in some shade loving annuals like Nicotania and Impatiens to keep some color going all season. I chose fringed bleeding hearts v.s. regular to complement the various ferns in the bed. I also liked using some more indigenous, woodland plants that are different and unique, but thrive under typical tree cover (such as May Apple, Trilliums and Solomon's seal). And finally, putting in a unique plant here or there is always nice, like the ostrich fern in the back right corner. You might not find these ferns at a typical "Big Box" store, but at a true garden center. But this fern is worth the extra trip.

TREE-RIFFIC Shade garden

Shopping List:

1 large Foxglove
5 Hostas
6-7 medium Phlox
3 perennial shade Lilies
2 Japanese Ferns
2 Woodland Ferns
2 Sweet Woodruff
4 Fringed Bleeding Hearts
3-4 Solomon's Seal
13 small Trilliums (They propagate)
1 Dayliliy
1-2 May Apples (They propagate)
2 Red Coral Bells
9 Pachysandra starters (They propagate as ground cover)
1 Ostrich Fern
6-10 Impatiens plants (for filler)
10 Nicotania plants (for filler)



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