GARDENING: Garden plan a week, Week 2, Three Seasons of Beauty

rtfgvb This week I am featuring a made-to-order garden from Spring Hill Nurseries. For those of you that are not confident in your planning skills, this nursery has a handful of pre-planned, ready to plant gardens. This one is nice because it is planned for waves of color in every season. I ordered this garden last year for a curved bed in my front yard, roughly 12 ft by 6 ft. The Lungwort adds nice color in the spring and fill in quickly. And the array of Mums in the front look lovely in the fall with their yellows, golds and reds.

I have included their plan below. They are running a special for 25% off if you order the complete garden from them. When I ordered this garden, my hydrangea came destroyed, and they speedily sent a replacement at no charge. I was surprised at the hydrangea being damaged, because the plants were really well packed for mailing. Be careful when you order, because they need to get in the ground quickly. Don't order them too early, because then they will sit in their mailing material too long...and that's not good.

Something to note, the plants that come to you are pretty much starter plants, so they are small. Be sure to plant them with space to grow. And to that end, the plants will not look like the garden renderings shown here until 3 years of growth. So unless you can wait and live with a spindly garden for a little bit, you may want to buy more mature plants while still following the above plan. I say this because I am an impatient gardener, and I was a little bummed at how small the plants were when they arrived. But more mature plants cost more money, and we were on a budget. So I made peace with it and it is coming in nicely.

You can visit this nusery at or order by phone at 513-354-1509. Happy plantings!


  1. Hi!! Been thinking of ordering a pre planned garden. I'm in Milwaukee. Can we get an update on this? I'd love to see current spring time pics! Thank you!

  2. This is brilliant!!! I'm in love!


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