LIFESTYLE: Proof That Information is Power! (THANK YOU INTERNET!)


First of all, I would like to ask what people did before the Internet? It must have been so much work to gather and stay up on the current laws, events and topics of the day. With the amount of information you can find at your fingertips, there is just no excuse to not educate yourself on issues impacting you, your family or your community. This thought came to me full force this week as a fellow team mate and I have been trying to put green initiatives in place at our company.

The process has been very difficult, which was very surprising for us in this day and age. The company our office rents from said they offered paper recycling but anything above and beyond, we would have to do and pay extra. SO trying to find another company to do it, and how has been a mess. The building owner gave us two very small blue trash cans for a staff of 20+, not adequate for even the measly paper recycling that they were offering us. In all this, I found it hard to believe that our building owners could not do more-or wouldn't want to!

In an effort to look for recycling drop offs in the city so we could manually bring bags, I came across a web page and city ordinance that basically said that corporate buildings must provide a recycling program to their tenants! Why or how we were not aware of this? How could we be? But here I was searching the city web page and googling recycling in Chicago, and there it was! SO all this time trying to find places to drag recycling bags to on our own personal time. Spending time to research when the blue carts were coming, or how much it would cost for our own office to do it ourselves (which I am sure the building owners would have preferred). And then we discover that the building owners were skirting the law and trying to get out of paying for a service that they should have been providing us. We had our office manager share the ordinance documents with the building owner, so we don't know if they will comply or not. We will see. If they don't, now we have a direct course of action with the city, and we can get something DONE. Education is power! Take it!



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