CRAFT: Great Gift Idea, Handmade Wine Charms

The idea of wine charms I can't take credit for, but I must give credit to the other domestic diva I know and love, my sister Jacki. She gave me a large set of wine charms for Christmas, and I plan on doing smaller sets as gifts for coworkers this year. You can make them based on themes or subject matter that the recipient is into. You can make them wine themed, or just color themed to match their dining room or kitchen decor. For instance, my sister chose dark red beads and burnished metals, because my dining room has vintage light fixtures and the room has bold accents of red. She bought single charms with a small jump ring attached for easy threading, and she got them all related to me and my interests as well as what other guest's interests may be. Guests like to pick a wine charm that expresses who they are or what mood they are in at the time for the event, so it is good to have a mix of subject matter and gender related charms. A couple nights in front of the TV threading charms and beads after a quick trip to the jewelry aisle of your local craft superstore, and you are good to go. You can get cute, small jewelery boxes to give them in as well. Get inspired when you walk the jewelry aisle at the craft store, they have different colored wire you can bend and shape around beads, various stones or glass beads that can be the main attraction on the charm while surrounded by smaller beads or wire. You can even have some fun creating bottle cap art. If you poke a whole in the outer edge of the bottle cap with a jewelery hole punch, you can thread that as well and it can be the main attraction of the charm. Bottle cap art is more time intensive and needs a little more creative muscle, but if you are up for it, you can create some pretty unique wine charms that your recipients will really appreciate! Here is a kit for kids to get you started ( I have this for my daughter and we made some cool keychains for her backpack) before making more sophisticated caps for your wine charms. (

You will need:

A large charm, stone, bead or cap as the "Main Attraction" of each charm

Various smaller beads to have 3-6 on each side of the main piece, depending how large the rings are

Wire hoop earrings that easily latch but are thin enough to thread beads and charms, as many as you need for your gifts. Remember, wine glasses are usually in sets of 8, 10 or 12.


Working backward, thread the smaller, right-flanking beads first, then thread the main charm, then mirror the left flanking beads with the right so there is symmetry. Clasp it close so nothing falls off.

Place them in a cute box for the hostess to store them in, and wrap it up! Nicely done!



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