Home: My Housecleaning To-Do List (weekly to yearly)

My friend Liz asked if I could put together a thorough housecleaning list that is easily printable and usable. This was my effort to do so. I have included a printable pdf with this post. My husband teased my about the irony of the post-because I sometimes don't have time to do a lot of this these days. But even if you get a little help, this is a good list to give to your cleaning lady as well as for you. And don't beat yourself up if you don't get to everything! I sure don't! (LOL!)

Once a Year

Steam clean upholstery
Clean out general closets
Clean jets in baths and whirlpools
Run washing machine on a self-cleaning cycle
Clean coffee pot’s inner workings
Polish silver
Dust refrigerator coils
Defrost freezer and wipe down
“Delime” shower heads

Twice a Year

Clean windows/window screens
Hose down blinds with a cleaning solution
Steam clean carpets
Clean light fixtures
Clean shelves in kitchen cabinets
Clean oven (self cleaning or other)
Clean out pantry and wipes shelves
Total wipe down of refrigerator
Launder bed pillows

Once a Month

Flip mattresses
Clean blinds with duster
Dust baseboards and moldings
Clean garbage disposal
Vacuum curtains
“Decobweb” ceilings
Wipe down kitchen cabinet doors
Wipe kitchen doors and tops
Launder throw blankets
Dust air vents
Check smoke alarms
Change filters in vacuum cleaner, furnace
Spot treat carpet and upholstery

Weekly, whole house

Dust light fixtures
Dust window sills
Lightly clean out fridge
Vacuum carpets, upholstery
Spray fabric refresher or home dry-clean removable seat covers
Mop floors
Dust all furniture and picture frames
Dust tchotchkes
Wipe grime off walls
Shake out door mats

Weekly, Room to Room


Clean Toilets in and out
Shake out or launder rugs
Clean sink
Wipe mirror
Clean shower and tub
Towels laundered, put out new
Dust hanging art
Empty garbage
Discard old makeup
Discard out-of-date medication (safely)

Living Room/Den/Home Office

Dust entertainment area
Dust computer equipment
Declutter gaming area
Empty any garbage
File paperwork
Dust books


Redress beds with clean linens
Launder old linens
Launder clothes in hampers
Pick up clutter
Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans


Clean stove top, dish wash “stove trivets”
Clean garbage cans
Wipe down appliances
Scrub sinks
Wipe down counter tops
Clean microwave inside and out
Launder kitchen towels, replace with new ones
Clean out toaster

Housecleaning Urbandomsdiva


  1. Anyone who follows this schedule will have a brilliantly cleaned house. This post encouraged me start cleaning my house according to the scedules too.


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