LIFESTYLE: Love this Poorer Girl's "Anthropologie Like" Store, Ruche

Ladies-I know we love looking fabulous, and sometimes that gets expensive. I was in Santa Monica a couple weeks ago on business and I walked the Anthropologie store there and wanted to buy everything. I love the styles that they have, where they allow us to rejoice in our femininity without making excuses for it. The thing is, they are a little pricey. Hey, we are all on budgets these days, and I would love to spend 90 bucks on a flouncy chiffon top that would look sextastic with a cute pair of jeans, but it is hard to justify that amount for a little top. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that store. But I found a great alternative.

I ran across a great online store called Ruche. It has the heart of Anthropologie and "sort of" the prices of Target. Check it out! I loved the jewelery, the dresses, the tops and the bottoms. The shoes were hit or miss, but overall, this is a really fun site. I am getting myself some rings. Take a visit!


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