GARDENING: "Video How-To", Build a container pond easily.

I have had in-ground ponds and I have had small container ponds and have learned through trial and error the success of building and maintaining them. If you want to enjoy a water feature in your yard and don't have time or space to deal with a big pond, a container pond is perfect for you. Here, I will take you through step by step how to do it. For the extended "director's cut", go to our facebook page at


  1. Wanted to mention that a few people have commented on you tube that you should take into consideration the volume of rocks and then subtract that from your gallons of water when measuring your balancer. A good point if you are talking about a big pond or loading up rocks from the bottom-up. But you are guesstimating with the whole thing so just do your best with that. Gardening is not an exact science. Also, I need to make a correction, the floating plants I used are water lettuce, NOT water hyacinth. My apologies.


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