GARDENING: Daisies are a Power Flower!

If you are looking for a fast growing, long lasting bloom for your sun garden, a great choice is the perennial Daisy. I grew some from seeds last summer, and once I put them in the ground that July, they became established very fast and started "bulking up". Then this summer, they became huge! I mean HUGE. It is very surprising from seeds one year to full blooming plants with 20+ flowers each the next. In fact, they are so big they already need to be split and moved.

And here is what is also great about this flower. They are so quick and abundant with blooms, you can cut the flowers for indoor vases and still have blooms to compliment your garden outside. In fact, the more you cut and deadhead, the more flowers you will get. There is nothing more satisfying than cutting your own flowers in your garden, collecting them in a basket, and bringing them inside to dress up your home. And the blooms in the vases lasted at least 2 weeks which is a very long time. SO if you are wondering what to plant for a fast growing, long lasting sun loving plant as you plan for next year, give the old fashioned Daisy a try!



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