CRAFT: Make a Fly-Fishing Lanyard for the Outdoorsman in your Life

This was a father's day request for my fly-fisherman husband for Father's day. When he showed me examples in the Orvis catalog, I thought it was a little odd, but after I understood what this was for, I thought it was pretty cool! Sometimes, the vests fishermen wear get hot and heavy, and if you are fishing where the rest of your gear is nearby, you only need to bring your essentials on the water. That is what this lanyard is for. A guy can clip on measuring tape, pliers, compasses, and stick extra flies on the foam rollers. They can maneuver better in the water because of how light this lanyard is versus a full-on vest. My husband wanted our daughter and me to make him one so it would mean more to him-and we complied (even with some Best Dad beads to sweeten the deal!)

It was very easy to make. Here is what you need:

waxed cotton cord (craft jewelry aisle)
various beads with larger holes in the middle (craft jewelry aisle)
lanyard clips (craft jewelry aisle)
large key ring clasps (craft jewelry aisle)
small foam hair rollers, plastic insert removed

First, measure your length, giving a little more to tie it together when you are done. Cut your foam rollers in half with scissors. Start putting on beads, and every 3-5 beads put a clip, lanyard or a foam roller.

Place things evenly for balance and design. The beads are there to separate out the lanyards and clips, giving room to whatever gets clipped on there, so keep that in mind as you place your beads.

Intermittently slip on a foam roller, and do this evenly as well. You only need 2-4 of these on the lanyard.

The keychain clips need a small jump ring placed on the key ring part, then slipped onto the necklace. Otherwise, the ring will be too large and the beads won't hold it in place.

I urge you to be creative! Use different kinds of beads, or even fish themed beads to make the gift more special. Or if it is from a child like ours, plan to use alphabet beads on it for a special message. Plan to know where to place them as you build out the necklace so they are placed in the right spot.

When done, tie the end. I have seen somewhere you can put 3-4 foam rollers in a row towards the back of the neck so the cord does not cut into the skin or become abrasive on a hot day. Something to think about-

Also, if you need some tips, product reviews or a great resource on all things fishing, check out They have an ultimate guide to fly fishing that is really thorough right here:

Happy Fishing!


  1. This is just an awesome idea for a gift! There are so many applications from this simple post. I love it!

  2. Thank you Amy! My husband is still raving about the gift we gave him. And he is having good use out of it this week lake fishing in Michigan. Out of all the gifts we gave him ranging in extravagance, this is by far his favorite to date.

  3. The design of your crafts are awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas.

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  4. Thanks Dale! I appreciate the feedback. This one was fun because I was able to get my daughter involved (not always easy to pull her away from her nintendo). Thanks for stopping by. Please come again!

  5. I am going to try this as a lanyard for my 16 y.o. son's car keys! He loves fishing!

  6. Cool, great idea! Thanks for stopping by! Please come again!

  7. I am a fly fisher and I was going to buy a lanyard. Now I will make one, i love the idea of personalising my own and having a unique design. Great idea thank you. Tight lines.

  8. Happy to inspire! My fisherman hubby loves his! Thank you for stopping by!


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