GARDENING: Chamomile Against White Powder Mildew Really works!


My poor Rosemary bush that I winter at my office has had a stint of white powdery mildew. If you look above, you can see the white powder on some of it's leaves. My poor bush was almost covered with this stuff. I did try to spray it with a baking soda solution. (2 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. dish soap and water, mix in a sprayer and spray daily) It kind of worked for a couple of days, but if I missed spraying it, the mildew would overtake it again. After reading some Jerry Baker tonics, I discovered that Chamomile is a natural mold deterrent. So I steeped two bags of Chamomile tea in a mug of hot water for 30 minutes. Discarded the bags, and poured the tea in the sprayer. I added 2 Tsp. Epsom Salt, and filled the sprayer with water. I swear after 2 days, the powdery mildew was 1/3 gone! After 4 days, the only mildew left is what I shot above. It is spotty in places, but it is almost all gone (see below). I have never seen anything work so fast and that doesn't involve chemicals. THANK YOU JERRY BAKER!


  1. Hi gang! I wanted to add that I did not make this tonic exactly right-even thought it still worked. The official Jerry Baker tonic is steeped Chamomile tea, water and 2 tsp. Murphy's Wood Oil Soap in a spritz bottle. SO you can try that as well. Either way, chamomile is the active ingredient-FOR SURE.


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