PARENTING: How about a kid's class that accommodates working families? Anyone? Bueller...?

Well, just when the city of Chicago doesn't surprise me anymore, it does. I have tried for two years to find classes to register my daughter in. I have been looking at drama, movement, martial arts, improv, tumbling, ANYTHING! Oh there's a lot out there. But try and find something that actually is available after work or the weekend so you can actually get your child there and forget it!

I know. It is hard to believe. I live in a big city, there should be something I can register her in for Saturday mornings at least. Well, the few things I did find were very expensive to boot. And here is the kicker. The Park District of Chicago in which my family's tax dollars supports and pays for, has very few classes that accommodate working families. How ironic considering it's working families that are the engine for this city. I absolutely should be able to get my daughter in some class for 25 dollars a session at a time when we can attend. Why should I be forced to have to look elsewhere for quadruple the amount because I have to work for a living? Believe me, I sent an e-mail to the Chicago Park District and we'll see what I get back. Come on people, this is the big city! What happened to options?

The other baffling thing to me is even privately, there is still very little available for working moms. I have scoured the YMCA programs, private dance schools, private acting schools, etc. and it is slim pickings for Saturdays or evenings. I mean, this is 2010-right? Baffling... Please share any ideas. I am open!


  1. Tell Chicago to take a tip from the Oak Park Park District. They offer evening and/or Saturday classes for pretty much every activity.

    Of course, for what we pay in property taxes, they'd better!

  2. Indeed! Oak Park has some hefty taxes for sure, but Cook county is not far behind you. It is not fair that city families can't have access to these classes. Hurray for Oak Park! They may be making you guys pay a pretty penny, but at least they are being smart with the dollars!


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