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The key to "domestic divaness"-urban or not-is the savvy use of your freezer. The freezer will allow you to make wonderful things on your time frame, store great bargains for later use, and save left overs for a wholesome meal when time is limited. The freezer allowed me to make great baby food for my daughter while working, and annually make 9 kinds of holiday cookies for sharing.

But the freezer can be a fickle friend. If you don't know how long things can stay in there, the freezer can be a frigid graveyard of the best intentions- gone rancid. It is good to keep a chart on the fridge of how long frozen foods last. Feel free to print out my chart below and cut it out! It is a combination of information from a fine cooking article, my own experience and a couple cooking blogs.

Also, when freezing, remember to label and date everything! Ziploc bags have writable areas now, and for Tupperware items adhesive white labels work great. As I wrote in a previous post, it is good to menu plan and before you do ANYTHING, take a look in the freezer. Is there a chicken you should probably put on the menu that week before it's past it's prime? Could you defrost that stew and have it for that busy basketball league night to save time? Be sure to be vigilant with your freezer, or else you will be throwing away food instead of being thrifty. It kind of defeats the purpose. Happy Freezing!



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