RECIPES: Infused Olive Oils make Great Gifts

A few months ago, I posted tips on what to do with extra fresh herbs from your garden. One of the wonderful things you can do is infuse olive oil. Here is the previous post: I decided to make some for my coworkers for Christmas. I bought bottles in bulk online to keep costs down, and bought gallons of oil at a European market which sells oil cheaper. It was a very affordable way to give some of my coworkers something very special for all their hard work this year. Below are the steps I took to make the oils into beautiful Christmas gifts.

I bought wide mouth mason jars, and measured how many I needed based on what the final gift bottles held. I decided to make a spicy version and an Italian version. I let them sit and steep for two weeks. Keep them out of the sun and away from heat.

After two weeks, the oil should be ready. Sterilize the gift bottles in a vat of boiling hot water, using hot tongs to pull them in and out. Let them air dry, and if water is still in them in areas, use a paper towel and a bamboo skewer to wipe down the inside of the bottles.

Using wire mesh, pour the oils from the mason jars into a large measuring cup. Then use a funnel and pour the oil from the measuring cup into each of the gift bottles. Wipe them down and cap.

Design some nice labels with your name on it. Also give instructions to use in one week. For longer shelf life, refrigerate. I also like to mention the ingredients I used for allergy alerts.


  1. Merry Christmas and all the best for you and your family. Philip


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