CRAFTS: No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket makes a Great Gift!

My daughter asked me to make her a special "sea creature" fleece tie blanket as a Christmas gift after a trip to our favorite JoAnne's Craft store. It turns out, after reading a little how-to pamphlet at the store, it is quite easy to do. I found that when I bought a "Panel" design in the fleece section. It was even easier because you did not have to do much measuring. The size is figured out for you. Just pick a back color that goes and have the cutting clerk cut the back fabric to match the size of the panel. I found a great sea creature panel that I hope my daughter will love come Christmas! This was so easy and is such a great gift, I started wondering who else I can make one for. I urge you to try it if you are not sure what to buy someone. JoAnne's has a lot of different panel designs for many interests and color schemes, great for anyone on your list. Here's how you do it:

First lay your back fabric, right side DOWN on the floor.

Now lay your front panel evenly over the top, cut off any excess so the edges are flush and even. I cut off the sides (above) because as you can see, they were "underhanging" the top.

Next, create a 4 x4 square template out of a piece of paper. Place paper on each corner of your fleece to cut 4 x 4 "notches" in each corner. This will help your corners turn out alright.

Now take that same 4 x 4 paper, and measure 1/2 inch strips in the paper. You can cut the strips or draw them, whichever you want to help you use it as a guide. This will be your guide throughout all the edges to cut 1/2 inch strips on all edges of the fleece. It will keep your strips very even and make the finished blanket look nicer.

Now with much patience and maybe with a glass of wine, cut, cut, cut all the way around! Be even and cut through both pieces of fleece.

Now, start on the side of one corner, and tie a bottom strip to it's "mate" on the top, and continue to tie off the blanket. Be very careful around the corners, the strips get confusing and you may start tying off the wrong strips to each other, so slow down around the corners. Also, do a double knot. This takes patience. I laid the blanket right on me on the couch and watched "Bourne Identity" to keep me company while I tied away. (Stay off the wine for this part- it may make it go quicker but you may mess it up if you get loopy!)

TADA! Instant, hand-crafted, affordable GREAT GIFT! Get tying!



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