GARDENING: Addendum to pruning fall perennials

I wrote a previous post about fall pruning ( I provided a list that I use to know what is good to cut back and what not. I have included here a few pictures here to show you how far and how much to prune certain perennials.

Above photo, you can see how far I cut my Irises (top left) and my Catmint (upper right corner). The Catmint was very full, so I started on the outer foliage and worked my way in.

Here you can see my peonies cut back to about 6 -8 inches or so. Large, bushy perennials such as this can be cut that far if it is approved for Fall pruning.

Here is Yarrow, which was very full and still had some lingering flowers. But it was time to prune so I started at the top and cut slowly towards the bottom to about 5 inches or so.

After pruning, we mulched leaves with our mower and laid them on the beds for warmth. The mulching helps them decompose over the winter and spring, supplying nutrients to the soil.

Happy pruning!



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