COOKING: Freezing cookie dough for Christmas PART 1

I wrote in a post this past late summer about preparing to start the "11 kinds of  Christmas cookie" process this fall ( 
The key to succeeding in my insanity is the use of two freezers. I have had a few questions regarding this process, so I have included here how to freeze the slice and bake types of cookies. The slicing process for these kinds of cookies make them ideal for freezing. 

Below, I am showing you my Coffee Mocha Ribbons. After assembling the various dough layers and cutting the square in half per the recipe, I place each rectangle on plastic wrap.

Wrap each rectangle tightly with plastic wrap as shown below. Then place rectangle on a square of tin foil, and wrap again.

Remember to label the cookie (see below), and then place in the freezer. Cookie dough lasts 3 months in the freezer. Now on baking day, I keep the slice and bake cookies in the freezer until ready for baking. I let them sit out at room temperature 5-10 minutes while heating the oven, then slice away. They are MUCH easier to slice when they are still par-frozen. Just add a couple more minutes to the cooking time. I will show you in a few days how to freeze any drop cookies and biscotti as well, so stay tuned. 



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