PRODUCT REVIEW: OMG, The Easy-Bloom plant sensor is AMAZING

My husband and daughter gave me the Easy-Bloom plant monitor for Mother's Day, and I had not had the chance to try it out until this week. This is a little computerized monitor that has a very elegant design that you stick in the ground and it can either give you recommendations for an area or tell you what is wrong with a certain plant. I was a little skeptical. Also, it looked complicated to set up and I wondered if I had to download software and yada yada yada. I was very wrong.

First, they provide a battery with the product, and very easy set up instructions. I put the USB connection from the sensor into my computer and it prompted me to go to the website and set up an account. I did have to download software, and it took no time at all. You follow the prompts, and immediately can tell it what you want to do. I wanted to monitor my poor little Ostrich fern that is not doing well, and I have been having trouble with the corner it is in since last year. SO you click and choose "monitor" mode, and type the plant you want it to find in it's database. It will show you which plant, and you can confirm. Take the top part of the monitor out of the usb, plug it back to it's base that looks like a pitchfork. I put it next to my fern in the dirt.

After 24 hours and one watering cycle, I took the monitor out and plugged it back in my computer. Have your account on the website open when you do this and make sure you are plugging it in all the way.

The reports you get are amazing! (see screen grabs). It gives you a "plant view" with diagrams, as well as recommendations for that spot. I was blown away. And as it turns out, my ostrich fern is not getting enough water. A problem that is easily remedied. This gadget takes the guesswork out of gardening. I recommend this for any gardener. It is about time I have a gadget for the garden that is worth the expense. I am putting it next to my arborvitaes next! My husband bought it at Home Depot, and I hear Brookstone might have it. Happy gardening!



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