MOMMYHOOD: Getting your child to do chores and feel good doing it

After much deliberation at our house, we decided to get our daughter on an allowance schedule for doing chores. I never got an allowance when I was younger. My parents always told me "Why would we give you money for something that is expected of you?" And now that I am a parent, I kind of agree.

But that being said, there is a lot to teach a child regarding the value of money, reward for work and saving for a purchase that an allowance helps with. I kind of wish we started it sooner at our house, but better late than never!

So to start us on this project, I found a wonderful tool that is quite affordable and age appropriate. It is the "Responsibility Chart" by Melissa & Doug. Not only are the chores very appropriate for young children (lets face it, 7 year olds and cleaning chemicals don't mix), but there are great magnets with accolades that your child can feel good putting on the chart as they finish a task. They also include a couple blank magnets for you to fill in a chore or social behavior you want your child to work on that they did not include. To start out small, I have set the rule that three magnets must be achieved per day, and any extra is an extra ten cents. We are giving our daughter a dollar for a completed week. 

As she gets used to it, I plan on increasing the amount of mandatory magnets per day. It has been really helpful! She is remembering to clear her plates after a meal, get ready for bed on her own and get dressed on her own. I don't need to repeat myself ten times or always be there to help. It really has motivated her to step up and be more independent. 



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