GARDENING: Twist-ties from toy packaging might actually be useful

It is baffling to me why toy companies package their toys in industrial strength clam shells locked in with plastic washers and wire twist-ties. I don't think even Houdini would be able to open some of these packages, let alone a small child. Not to mention the incredible waste that goes into these boxes. Thank goodness we recycle!

It dawned on me after undoing my 5th twist-tie after my daughter's birthday party (and rubbing my finger tips to numb the pain they cause) that these twist-ties would be excellent for my garden. Some of my plants have gotten so full and heavy that the normal plant twist-ties for staking plants are just too weak. So I have been saving the toy twist-ties in a ziploc bag and they have been great for my tomato plants and cucumber vines that need a little more strength. And you can feel good that they will not be going into a landfill. Come this Christmas, remember to have a ziploc bag handy to collect all the twist-ties from all the toys Santa brings!



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