GARDENING: How I manage to water with my busy schedule

Everyone asks me how I keep from killing off my plants with my stressful work schedule. The first thing I say is that I have a husband who helps – and that is the truth. If have to run out to an early morning meeting, he fits in the watering for me. SO that in itself is a godsend. But typically what I do is get up 15 minutes earlier than I have to during the summer. What is great about summer is that summer camp typically starts later than a school day, so that is forgiving. And watering a garden in the Midwest really needs to happen during the summer months when this laid back schedule is happening. So after I get breakfast on the table, lunch packed, me dressed and ready, permission slips signed, daughter dressed and backpack packed, I should have 10-15 minutes left for me to water everything before heading into work. If there is rain in the forecast, I still water. Because 9 out of 10 times, they are wrong and I come home to wilted plants. If it is raining, then I have an extra ten minutes with my daughter snuggling–and that is awesome. So a little less sleep and a rigorous A.M. schedule makes for a well watered garden.



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