BOOK REVIEW: Eve: A novel of the first woman by Elissa Elliott

This was a pleasant surprise I found at the library. I picked it up because of the cover art, and read the first couple of pages and was hooked. What I loved about this book was not just the poetic prose throughout the story, but the way the author brought Eve's family to life–real life. She was a mother and a wife, like many of us. She had children of all ages with their own issues, like many of us. She was very much human-questioning her faith, her marriage, her favoritism among her children. She is a rich, complex character that you laugh and cry with in this story. One of the more interesting aspects of the book is the introduction of the first civilization during Adam and Eve's time on earth. Their lives and the lives of the first human civilization as we know it meld and clash.The existence of other humans, more advanced then they are, calls into question everything Adam and Eve believe in. The author really seems to have done her homework on early civilization near the Euphrates and adds that day to day into Eve's family life. This makes the book very educational and interesting. This was a wonderful read. I highly recommend it.



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