MOMMY-HOOD-Are we creating "on-demand" children?

It dawned on me the other day while staying with a friend that our children are being raised in a day where they don't have to wait for much. They can watch movies instantly on NETFLIX, catch a cartoon they missed on ON-DEMAND, the internet is at their fingertips when they wish to go to POPTROPICA or WEBKINZ, and if a store does not carry a toy, they just have to ask mom to look on the internet and there it is. Remember when cartoons were only on the weekends and you had to wait 6 months to get a movie at the rental store? You got books from the library and what you saw at the store was it – make your choice or forever hold your peace.

I think we as parents are under a lot of pressure to make sure that this culture does not contaminate our children. With all the technological advances comes much convenience that I, for one, enjoy. But I need to be careful. I notice my daughter expecting things right when she wants them. I have to temper those expectations, or she might be on the verge of becoming the next Veruca Salt! I think one of the things that might help is just putting limits on everything. Limits such as only one on-demand cartoon a day-or a half hour only on the computer. But I think the burden lies with me. I have to make it clear I am not at her beck and call, having to drop everything to do something for her. She either has to wait for me when I am able to react to her or figure things out on her own. If tempers flare, it will have to be a time out. We, as parents, need to make sure we are not becoming "ON-DEMAND" parents.


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