I have used lots of products over the years to ward off disease and insects in the garden. One of my concerns has always been the bad chemicals that I was using with having a small child running around. The other issue is just effectiveness, or lack there of. My roses seem to get black spot towards the end of the season, and I have tried all kinds of stuff to no avail. Until now. Ortho just came out with a whole ECOSENSE line of products. I have to say, the 3 in 1 Rose & Flower care totally works. It doesn't smell like bad chemicals and cleared out all the black spot on my tea rose and my floribunda bush. This is the first time I have had a spray-on product that actually works. I spray it on once a week when I know there is no rain in the forecast, and they are coming back in full force! I am absolutely thrilled. I also used the ECOSENSE slug granules in the shade garden and I am seeing a lot less slug "nibbles" since I have been using it. Hurray for Ortho!


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