CAREER: Tagline gone awry

First, I need to pre-apologize for this post. This blog is not about marketing and advertising specific, to the point I am going to begin to critique work that is out in the market. There are plenty of blogs doing a great job doing that-Adrant being one of my faves. But as I was eating lunch the other day, I looked at the Heinz ketchup bottle and saw it's recent tagline "Grown, not made." and I just had to make a point. I promise to not do this again anytime soon. But I am sorry. Ketchup is not grown. Tomatoes are grown. Ketchup is MADE. If someone has some ketchup seeds, then hook me up because you have some miracle seeds on your hands. I mean really. Who GROWS ketchup. There are so many ways to get to a fresh, quality produce positioning without telling tall-tales. Sure, advertising is all about "puffery", exaggeration and the art of persuasion. But tag lines should not be tall-tales. Leave that to the TV spots.



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