CAREER- 3% of the country's creative directors are women-but guess who does all the buying?

We had a consultant in a couple months ago to talk to us about social media, and he uncovered this statistic that 3% of the nation's creative directors are women. That is not a lot, considering that 85% of the population that makes the buying decisions are women. Ironic, especially when women nowadays are consuming messages differently.


Multi-tasking female consumers have little or no time for commercial messages. They spend less time at single-focused pursuits, like recreational shopping or watching television. Research shows that fewer women than ever are browsing shopping malls, and when watching TV or cooking dinner, they may be working online simultaneously.


SO it begs the question, why then, are men still mostly influencing and crafting messaging that should be targeting women-women that are consuming messages very differently than 5 years ago? Isn't it time, that the very male dominated industry of marketing and advertising put women at the forefront? Isn't it time that women become leaders versus just the girl that goes and gets the lunch order? If it's women that consumes and influences the buying, then women should be the ones influencing that messaging. I don't know, it makes sense to me, but then again, I am a woman.



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