COOKING: Cool Whip does not a Tira Mi Su make.

Being first generation Italian has reaped it's benefits in the kitchen. I have been working on a family cookbook since 1999 that I am very close to finally finishing. One of the recipes my family has prided itself on is Tira Mi Su– that delectable, fluffy, creamy dessert you only get at Italian restaurants. So the funny thing is that being in advertising, I have done a lot of work for food clients in the Midwest. One client is one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. They often created simple deserts that moms could make in snap with their products. They created many renditions of Tir Mi Su with cool whip, cream cheese and even pudding. I also see lots of variations of this dessert at parties, even for the holidays. I have seen recipes such as Pumpkin Tira Mi Su, Mint Tira Mi Su, Chocolate Peanut Butter Tira Mi Su. These all sound delicious, but they are not REALLY Tira Mi Su. If it does not have mascarpone cheese and espresso as main ingredients, it is not Tira Mi Su. Period. End of story. Call it dessert, a charlotte or layered "blah blah", but not Tira Mi Su.

Do I sound like a food snob? Yes. Yes I do.



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