CAREER: Am I old fashioned, or isn't it rude to be on your crackberry while being presented to?

It never ceases to amaze me, how various personality types find it acceptable to be on their smart devices during very important meetings. I began noticing this 6 1/2 years ago, when I would be in meetings with some high-powered sales guy that actually called the meeting. As we were going over the agenda, he kept responding to emails and even took a call on his blackberry. My VP and I were flabbergasted and annoyed, to say the least. The meeting took much longer than it should have, and it really sent a message to us that meant "you are not as important as some of this other stuff I need to do." Why I mention "different personality types" is that I have seen power-hungry presidents as well as easy-going co workers do this.

I do have a cell phone. I broke down 7 years ago and got one ( I really am a true artist at heart). But I turn it off in meetings with clients and new biz prospects. I feel they are taking time out of their day to talk to me, I need to respect that and dedicate that hour or so to them, undisturbed. I am dismayed when my agency and I do not get that courtesy in return. We will have slaved over a presentation with creative concepts for weeks only to have people on their blackberry while I am presenting the work. Sometimes, it is a sign that the meeting is not going well, other times it is a high-powered person who feels s/he needs to multi-task while in the room. But I just have to ask, if a group comes in to share the work they have been diligently slaving over for 2-3 weeks just for you, don't they deserve one hour of your time & attention, undisturbed?

"Crackberry" behavior doesn't seem to just stop in meetings. I recently read on this post:
that the blackberry is making it's way into the bedroom and the bathroom.

This was pulled by the

The executive report, “Mobile Messaging Marketing Trends,” finds that worry over being available during non-work hours has led employees to e-mail addiction, causing them to take unnecessary risks with their health, their relationships, and even the welfare of others.

  • 79% checked email in the bathroom
  • 77% while driving
  • 11% while engaged in intimate behavior
  • 41% while their commercial plane was in the air
  • 94% during work nights or weekends
  • 96% while on vacation
79% in the bathroom? REALLY? I just want to ask, what would the people on the other end think as they hear you flush-or have an orgasm (see bullet 3)? And lets just think about how hygienic that is? Yuck. Manners, people! I have more to write about the crazy overachievers that can't get unplugged for their vacations or weekends. But it is time for me to sign off, for dinner calls and I unplug for that.



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