GARDENING: Burpee Seed Starter Kit ROCKS!

SO in an effort to save money this year, I decided to start a lot of seedlings for my flower beds and pots. I started about 70+ plants indoors under a grow light beginning of March. I started them the very old fashioned way of just potting soil and spritzing water on them. As they grew, I gently poured water in the dirt. A week after I started the seeds at home, I decided to try and grow more at my office. I have a big window that faces east which would be great to get some more plants going. So I went to the home depot and found this Burpee Seed Starter Kit. I liked this kit because it was all inclusive (soil material was in pods that expand with water so no mess in an office environment) and it was self watering. A mat is included that soaks up the puddled water in the outer tray and waters the seedlings from the bottom. Considering I am not in the office typically on the weekends, my seedlings would still get the water they need. This approach also prevents disruption to the delicate seedlings. The seedlings at home, which I watered conventionally, became very damaged from watering. It was very frustrating.
As you can compare, my seedlings which have been hardening off outside are SUPER tiny compared to my Burpee Kit ones in my office. This kit is amazing and I highly recommend it for seed growers. 


  1. YES! I used this for the first time this year, and I LOVED IT! I have very happy, healthy seedlings. And the little pellet things actually expand, UNlike Jiffy's. :)


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