PRODUCT REVIEW: Breville Countertop Convetion Oven

This was a wonderful birthday present from my husband last year. I had asked for it when I saw it in our Williams Sonoma Catalog (always a dangerous undertaking-they are usually thrown out quickly so I don't see them!) . It's a convection oven that sits on your countertop. It is big enough for two small racks. When we discovered we were hosting my husband's large family for Thanksgiving, I decided we could really use the extra cooking space. It was wonderful! My sister 'n law could bake her eggplant appetizer and we also cooked two sides in it after those were done. With the oven busy with the turkey and two other sides, this oven was able to cook up the rest of the dishes. When I do my marathon cookie baking in December for the holidays (9-12 different batches in one day), I can have a batch going in this oven to cut my time in the kitchen overall. If you don't have counter space to have it out year round, you can atleast pull it out when you are entertaining a lot of people –assuming you have the storage space.

We keep it out year round, and it is perfect for making small batches of cookies and reheating pizza. In the summer, we can do small amounts of baking without heating up the whole kitchen. When you order the oven, it will come with only one rack. We ordered a second rack from the company online for around $15 and it is well worth it to get the extra space. The oven has a lot of preset timers and cooking methods which make it very convenient. It really cooks things quickly and evenly...sometimes too quickly. You do need to keep a close eye on things in there.


  1. nice.
    You always can cook the favourite meal then after this


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