CAREER: Top 15 things they did not teach me in college about being an art director.

I am repurposing this memo I originally wrote in 2000 for a group of college kids touring our agency. I find that a lot of this holds true and I need to continue to share it with  my "art younglings" that come on board my staff.

Top 15 Things They Didn't Teach me in College

1: How an agency makes money and how I get paid
2: Working hard is not the same as working smart
3: Command keys are your best friends
4: The fact that not everything I do is a Da Vinci. It’s not all going in my book. Be realistic about what to spend the extra finesse on and what I just need to get out the door.
5: How to interpret a client or account executive’s feedback (or even your Creative Director’s).
They’re not out to get you
6: Sure it’s a cool font, but can I read it? Design is for 
practical purposes too...and making sure it fits the assignment.
7: The difference between not just presenting my work, but selling my work.
8: What the hell CMYK means, and what a
a loupe is for.
9: What mistakes really do cost, and how I avoid them.
10: I don’t get respect automatically starting out on the bottom rung, I earn it.
11: How to direct photography.
12: I should not be busy assuring these people about what I know...but open to learning things I don’t – and realizing that we are all always learning...
13: My book is my bread and butter. Always work on it, always keep it up to date. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS JOB SECURITY!!!!!
14: What is good design. What is hot, what is not. How to stay up to date and fresh. 
15: To always keep my creative juices flowing. If I am not doing it at work...I need to do it at home. Always feed my creative self. Keep myself fulfilled.



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