GARDENING: What should I do with patchy grass?

There are many reasons you might have patchy grass. I have seen everything from having sun grass where a tree has grown so big that the lawn in that area now needs shade seed to sporadic watering. Patchy grass could be from animals scratching, burrowing and urinating. The most common reason to patchy grass that I have seen is insects, most notably, grubs. Whatever the reason, the best defense is a strong root structure to your lawn. A healthy lawn can combat critters and insects. I use a lot of Jerry Baker's advice when taking care of my lawn.

1: De thatch in the spring with a stiff rake
- Get rid of all the dead grass under the green stuff and throw the debris in your compost pile

2: Aerate the lawn in early spring, and throughout the summer
- Jerry Baker advises getting some thrift store golf spikes and wearing them in he yard during yard work. This aerates the soil, allowing the roots to breath and grow. We just grab our pitch fork and poke holes in the yard in early spring while the yard still looks bad.

3: Fertilize and put down GrubX every two weeks
- I would even recommend putting it on the snow in February and March-once it gets to be 60˚, grubs hatch and it is a losing battle all season.

4: Epsom salt. Epsom salt, Epsom Salt
- Sprinkle Epsom salt evenly once a month. Epsom salt greens up the yard, promotes root structure and broadens the leaf. I have heard that Epsom salt is also bad for slugs.

5: Consistent water
- Grass likes water-lots of it. Get your sprinkler going, especially during the hottest months.



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