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Recipe: Caramel Chocolate Apple Pie, Perfect For Fall Baking

Years ago I had the idea to try and make a pie that mimicked the crazy chocolate caramel covered apples that are popular at this time of year. I mean obviously chocolate and apple is a thing. Why not in a pie?
After doing some research, it seemed that no one really mingled chocolate with apples in a pie. I couldn't find a recipe that even tried it. So I dove in, experimenting and perfecting how a chocolate apple pie could work. What I quickly discovered was you couldn't really mix the chocolate with the apple directly. Early attempts caused the chocolate to curdle and separate from the apple syrup. So I came up with what my husband called a "pie lasagna". I buy some extra refrigerated pie dough to make a "cooked dough disc" separating the chocolate from the apples. It causes the pie fillings to cook separately, but your guest can taste it all at once (with a touch of extra crust to boot)!
When I finally nailed this pie, a colleague said to me she wanted to …

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