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Migration Time! We appreciate your patience as we move the blog to a new home.

It's been on my mind for YEARS. When I decided to start this blog, it was to learn social media on behalf of my clients and ad agency I was working for. Blogger was the easiest way to just get started and get writing. What I didn't realize was what a creative outlet it would be and the passion I would have in working on it. I am a creative person, and the ideas and creations I come up with, I love to share with all of you.
It has grown into a brand.
It has grown into a youtube channel.
It has grown into 2 self-published books.
It has grown into products and shops.

Quite simply we have outgrown our "apartment".

It's time to buy a house. Deep down, I have known this for years. The task was so daunting, and each year the amount of content to move grew and grew, which gave me a headache. And then I would take two Tylenol, have a lie-down, ignore my problem and get back to creating/writing/sharing. Heck, that is WAY more fun anyway.
The issue is, the more content I a…

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