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NEW YEAR INTENTIONS: Healthy Sweet Treats, Chocolate Bark 2 Ways| Pecan Ginger Chocolate Bark and Toasted Quinoa Maple Almond Chocolate Bark

Happy New Year!
I know I have been remiss in posting since the holidays. The holidays sucked the life out of me, especially with our new shop and holiday sales (see above link and also on Etsy!) then the creeping crud 'plague' hit our house, which has knocked us out one by one. Today is the first day I am at least sitting up out of bed-which is why I am finally able to get you these amazing recipes to kick off your new year healthy eating aspirations.
This week started out cleaner, healthier eating at our house, and I love prepping for the week on Sundays so I can stay on track. It helps to have a menu, and it helps to have healthy snacking things nearby if you are a "grazer" like I am. So on Sundays, I cut up carrots, boil green beans for dipping, make healthy yogurt dips and spreads, and line up my sweet treats for nighttime desserts.
One of my favorite sweet treats is dark chocolate bark. The sugar is lower in dark chocolate (aim for 70% cocoa) and you can pump u…

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