My Parenting Journey

As you may know, I am a working mom (which, as Jane Sellman so aptly put it, is redundant) and as I try to give 150% at both of my full-time occupations, I am learning day by day on this journey. This is a round up of all the posts regarding Parenting & Family Life in one spot to make it easy for you. And as you learn, too, please join in the discussion! In sharing, we all become better. And lets face it, parenting is the most important thing we have on our plate.

Are we creating "on-demand" children?


Whatever happened to Summer Vacation?





Why do doctors speak in riddles?


The great "unplugged" family experiment

How to be more "present'




 Helping very young children express their emotions

 Getting your child to do chores and feel good doing it

 Can we really "have it all?"

The paradox of happiness in women is truly a paradox


What this recession has taught me and my family





Make your own babyfood and don't spend a ton doing it


What the show "HOARDERS" taught me and my daughter





How about a kid's class that accommodates working families? Anyone?





Only Children Are Doing Just Fine





Connect with your Child by Having an "At Home" Book Club!

Goodbye Working Mom's Guilt-For Now Atleast!

The Benefits of Martial Arts for your Spirited Child

Summer Guilt, and I am Not Talking About Ice Cream

Why is school supply shopping a scavenger hunt? And where I found non-perforated notebooks!

The "Write" Stuff for Test Taking, More proof that the handwritten word should not become a lost art.

Am I Landing My Kid In Future Therapy?

When you stop yelling, you stop the yelling

The Importance of Reading Aloud

Our 4th Grade Lessons in Overscheduling & Overstimulation












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