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This is kind of a "this and that" page. Part of being an Urban Domestic Diva means getting your hands dirty doing lots of things–from book reviews to crafts to decorating to just plain keeping the homestead happy, lovely and humming (and that includes OURSELVES!).

As a side note, book reviewing ended up getting spun off to a different blog I manage called www.MammasLibrary.com (my daughter helped me name it). If you wish to chat about books, please stop by and follow me and comment on my reviews. If you also have a good book reco, please comment or send me an email!


How Snowmageddon '11 restored my faith in humanity.

Making peace with Church on Sundays

Infographic: Social Media May Be Giving Us ADD...Big Surprise!

I Have Chronic Illness, but I Don't (and Can't) Let it Define Me.

Open Books Bookstore: Keeping Literacy and the Urban Bookshop Experience Alive and Well in Chicago

How Firing our Cable Company was the Best Thing for our Family

Mayor Emanuel, Keep your Hands off my Library. Thank You.




Whatever Happened to Talking on the Phone as Teenagers?







Why do Men and Women look at Home Improvement Differently?






Unplugged to the Point of Being Clogged!


How Firing our Cable Company was the Best thing for our Family

 How Snowmaggedon '11 Restored my Faith in Humanity

 Proof that Information is POWER (THANK YOU INTERNET)


(As mentioned above, I spun off a separate blog for book reviews, please visit www.mammaslibrary.com to see what I have been reading!)

Leonardo's Swans by Karen Essex 


Chez Moi by Agnes Desarthe






Dracula in Love by Karen Essex-GREAT READ!





 Hearth And Home

Google Calendar Might Save Your Marriage and Organize Your Family

Christmas in September? You betcha!

What this recession has taught me & my family

Rediscovering the public library during this recession

The Great Garage Sale Experiment Part 1

The Great Garage Sale Experiment, Part 2 (Conclusion)

Health, Beauty and Home Uses for Chamomile

My Housecleaning To-Do List (weekly to yearly) 

Appreciating Modern Conveniences

Product Review: Dyson Animal Airmuscle Vacuum

PRODUCT REVIEW: Windrift Hill Goat's Milk Body Products

How To Harvest and Dry German Chamomile




All About Eve

Women and Community, and Why I think the Social Media Sphere is Booming among Women

Infographic: Do Men or Women Achieve Work/Life Balance?

 The paradox of happiness in women is truly a paradox

 What is a wife really?


Hot Mama stores make moms feel hot




 What our Mothers Taught Us



Love this Poorer Girl's "Anthropologie Like" Store, Ruche 




Top 5 Survival Make-Up Items For Every Urban Domestic Diva

 Product Review: Windrift Hill Goat's Milk Body Products



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