Gardening is a passion of mine. I am somewhat self taught by killing some things and succeeding in others. However, through the years I realized that I had learned a lot by watching my Grandparents when I was very little. They were born and raised in Italy growing things like grapes, squash and tomatoes. When they lived on Taylor street in Chicago, my grandfather grew tomato plants in old tomato cans on the roof of their apartment building. He showed me how he pruned them and staked them in those weathered cans. When I putter around my garden, I not only feel close to nature and my own self, but my grandparents as well. Gardening is a magical thing. Transforming a plot of dirt, no matter how small, into something living and beautiful is a very empowering, amazing thing. You literally are changing the world around you-making an impact with your own two hands. I love it, and I hope that even when I am old, I can still manage to cultivate a little piece of dirt around me to keep me grounded, and my spirit soaring.

Below is a backlog of posts about what I have learned or know about gardening. Hopefully you will find some knowledge or inspiration, and if you have anything to add, please comment! We can all be better gardeners together.

Using Chamomile Against
White Mildew

Time To Start Planning
Shade Bed Plan
A Tussie Mussie Garden Plan
Top Eight Indigenous
Prairie Flowers


How To Harvest and Dry Chamomile



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