As I mention on my parenting page, I am a working mom (which is redundant-but there it is.) at a very high pressured position at a boutique ad agency. It's a lot of fun, a lot of stress yet very fulfilling. But as you can imagine, it is very hard to keep it all in balance. 

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Below are some tips and advice on how to keep your work life humming so you can be a diva in the office as well as at home!

My learning lunch on presentation skills

Top 15 things they did not teach me in college about being an art director

Should smokers get some of their pay docked?

Do working moms make great managers? YES!

Am I old fashioned, or isn't it rude to be on your crackberry while being presented to?

3% of the country's creative directors are women-but guess who does all the buying?

The differences between managing men and women

Own Back Your Day and Time








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