RECIPE VIDEO: Poor Mans Uber Easy Beef Wellington that Pairs Well with Merlot

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Unroll that refrigerated croissant dough or puff pastry, chop up those mushrooms, open a bottle of Duckhorn Merlot and bask in deliciousness. 45 minutes and you have a meal that can wow anybody. Nothing goes better with Merlot than a rich, tender cut of beef. Beef brings out the rich complex flavors of this wine, and the layers of minced mushrooms and mustard adds a lot of flavor to the filet mignon. You will love this easier, less fussy version of the classic Beef Wellington.

CRAFTS: Easy DIY Library Scrabble Organizer Signs

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Fall has set in, and for whatever reason so has my urge to nest, clean and purge the homestead. Maybe it's because holidays are rolling around, and we will have a houseful of guests throughout the next few months? Or it may be that my daughter is starting a whole new phase in our parenting journey-high school- and she is "too cool" for a lot of stuff we have stashed and saved everywhere. I mean, who needs 3 boxes of 92 count crayons and a sticker book of Pokemon?

I am trying to tackle a room a weekend. My library room was the first on the list. My husband had been using it for a catch all of whatever he couldn't find a place for. I also had books precariously stacked everywhere. I also needed to dust the books-badly.

I purged, I donated, I lent, and I threw out. It felt great! My library became the cozy cove it started as. I was so pleased. I also organized the books. I felt like I was in the book High Fidelity, organizing and reorganizing for therapy.

After my beautiful organization, I decided I needed to call out areas of the shelves. I know, you are probably asking why? It's an in home library. But I thought it would give my shelves a finished look, and also help my family members put things in the right place instead of throwing things everywhere-what led me to the cleaning and purging predicament in the first place.

As I looked at the book shelves an idea came to me. I had seen old scrabble board games at the thrift store, and with a hot glue gun I could use the letter holders as signs and spell out literary genres.

It was so easy!

First I scored a Scrabble game for around 3 bucks. One game gives you 4 "ledges" or "holders". SO depending on how many genres you need, you may need more than one board game. I am on the lookout for one more.

I spelled and spaced out my pieces in place.

Heated up my hot glue gun, started on one end and began glueing the pieces to the holder.

After they cool, take off any stringy glue, and voila! They make a perfect gift for your ocd bibliophile!

VIDEO: Apple Cinnamon Roll Cake for Fall Baking

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Refrigerated cinnamon roll dough plays a starring roll in this easy apple cake I made up one day. And I filmed it too, with some catchy music to get you in the kitchen baking. Aren't you lucky?

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