CAREER: Top 15 things they did not teach me in college about being an art director.

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I am repurposing this memo I originally wrote in 2000 for a group of college kids touring our agency. I find that a lot of this holds true and I need to continue to share it with  my "art younglings" that come on board my staff.

Top 15 Things They Didn't Teach me in College

1: How an agency makes money and how I get paid
2: Working hard is not the same as working smart
3: Command keys are your best friends
4: The fact that not everything I do is a Da Vinci. It’s not all going in my book. Be realistic about what to spend the extra finesse on and what I just need to get out the door.
5: How to interpret a client or account executive’s feedback (or even your Creative Director’s).
They’re not out to get you
6: Sure it’s a cool font, but can I read it? Design is for 
practical purposes too...and making sure it fits the assignment.
7: The difference between not just presenting my work, but selling my work.
8: What the hell CMYK means, and what a
a loupe is for.
9: What mistakes really do cost, and how I avoid them.
10: I don’t get respect automatically starting out on the bottom rung, I earn it.
11: How to direct photography.
12: I should not be busy assuring these people about what I know...but open to learning things I don’t – and realizing that we are all always learning...
13: My book is my bread and butter. Always work on it, always keep it up to date. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS JOB SECURITY!!!!!
14: What is good design. What is hot, what is not. How to stay up to date and fresh. 
15: To always keep my creative juices flowing. If I am not doing it at work...I need to do it at home. Always feed my creative self. Keep myself fulfilled.

GARDENING: How we kept our annual herbs to come back every year

Pin It Many annuals in pots, in the Midwest cold zones, do not make it through our hard winters. But we have found ways around Old Man Winter. My husband planted some herbs in two window boxes three years ago. Each fall, we put the boxes in our garage towards the front near where our car engines are. They sit up on a shelf throughout the winter. And in mind April, we put the boxes back outside. And incredibly, all the herbs come back. The tarragon comes back on the old wood as well as the oregano, and the thyme just starts coming up. We have had these going for three years now. We fertilize them a lot because they have been in the same box and dirt for a bit. This year, we need to re pot them because the plastic boxes are starting to deteriorate. We think the key is the warmth from the car engines and protection from the elements. We have windows in the garage as well, helping with the light issue. I think all these things combined help to allow the annual herbs to survive. So try wintering your herbs in the garage and see what happens!
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