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RECIPE: Leftover Chicken Herbed Pot Pie

Ok guys. This is not on the New Year resolution rotation. It's not low in fat..just say'n. I just want to be transparent here! But for a "splurge" meal on a cold winter night, it works! And we certainly have been having plenty of cold nights these days.
I whipped this up actually the night before New Year's eve-so before the diet. We drove home from a cross country ski trip (my birthday wish!) in MI through white-out conditions. The trip took twice as long because of how stupid people drove in these conditions, causing accidents and back ups the whole way! We were tired, cold and weary when we got home. I had left over chicken and a slew of vegetables and fresh herbs to use up before they went bad. I also had some half bags of frozen vegetables here and there in the freezer. I felt our bodies and souls needed some warm comfort. I don't know where I found the energy to make this after our trip, but I did! The food processor did the work for the crust. The res…

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