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CRAFTS: Easily Up-cycle and Reupholster an Old $8 Thrift Store Chair (VIDEO)

Have you shopped for chairs lately? Geeze-a-loo! They are a couple hundred bucks a chair! If you want to seat at least 6 people, then add a nice sized table with leaves, you are looking at a lot of money. Add to the fact that sometimes these pieces of furniture aren't even real wood, it just adds insult to injury. That is why I often by vintage, thrift, second-hand Craig's list or antique fairs for furniture. In the rare case, we have enough money to buy good furniture, we try and buy it rarely and from good stores. Our bed we bought at Marshall Fields (Yeah, I am dating myself) and it is a stunning 4 poster bed made of real mahogany. That bed will outlast both of us.

Thrift stores are great for accent chairs. It is rare you can actually find a set of 4, let alone more, to fill a dining room, but it can happen. You just need to know which ones get them more regularly. This chair I purchased for $8 at a Salvation Army. The wood was solid, and the seat was disgusting but I was …

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