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RECIPE: WeightWatcher Friendly Salmon and Herbed Yogurt Dip/Spread on Wasa Crisps, 3 pts for 2!

This versatile yogurt dip was adapted from the Food Lover's Cleanse cookbook, which is a great cookbook to keep on hand, especially for January. It also, without meaning to,  is really great for the weight watchers freestyle plan. The proteins are all mostly 0 points, and the recipes use a ton of yogurt-and very little cheese. One of the recipes that caught my eye was this herb dip, which I wanted to try with smoked salmon for a low point lunch. I used Wasa crackers (1 point each) but you can use a sprouted wheat bread or a 2 pt. bagel. If you want to bring the points lower you can use a lower point oil or cut the olive oil down by half. 

Store the dip in the fridge to eat with carrots or cucumbers, or spread on other sandwiches throughout the week. I would also suggest playing with the herb blends. This mix was minty and herbal. But you can use basil, oregano, and rosemary with some garlic to make it Italian. Have fun with it!
Salmon and Herbed Yogurt Dip/Spread on Wasa Crisps

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