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RECIPE: Smoky and Mild Pistachio Pesto and Pasta

Being 1st generation Italian, I have many family and friends still in Italy, and they love to share Italian recipes-REAL Italian recipes, in Italian, online. I have to say, their tasty-esque videos are much tastier than ours. One that caught my eye was a speck and pistachio pesto pasta. The challenge with these is that they are in...well...Italian. I am pretty fluent so that is not an issue, but the issue comes in with the units of measure. They are on a different Metric system than we are, and nothing translates perfectly over, it takes some trial and error. The other challenge is ingredients. We find many ingredients here easily, but not all. So sometimes you need to substitute worthy equivalents.  Thus the recipe below.
This recipe caught my eye because the pesto doesn't use garlic, making it really mild and creamy with the pistachio. It gets the subtle bite that garlic usually brings from the Pecorino. I am kind of obsessed with pesto, and this is going to the top of the list…

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