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RECIPE: Strawberry Danish Vanilla Cake

Followers of this blog know I am a made-from-scratch kind of girl. But sometimes, you have to make something fast for hungry mouths that want something sweet, and you have to use what you have on hand. I always keep a box of vanilla cake mix in the pantry for just such an emergency. And I used it in this amazing cake where I used up a can of strawberry filling and a lonely 4 oz. brick of cream cheese in the fridge that was left over from another dish I made. Using these simple ingredients, I whipped up this cake and my family's sweet tooth was satisfied. I am going to be making this again next time I serve brunch to guests. It's a great baked sweet dish to accompany the savories. I think you can experiment with different fruit fillings. And dollop of whipping cream would dress this up for a lovely dessert.

Next time you need to dress up a box of cake, throw in a box of fruit filling and see what fun you can have!

Strawberry Danish Vanilla Cake


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