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RECIPE: Garlic and Cheese Wonton Ravioli

If you have visited my YouTube Channel, you will find a popular video on making ravioli by hand. Being first generation Italian has its blessings, and one is an amazing mother who continues to teach me traditional Italian cooking and is always open to being videotaped with me so we can teach the world some lost culinary arts handed down to her by her mother.

Well. This is not that kind of post.

This post is about cheater ravioli. (Shh. DO NOT TELL MY MOTHER!)

Being the urban domestic diva means that we can be domestic divas, but with a dash of realism and an edge thrown in. Some days we don't have time to slave over a pasta machine rolling out ravioli dough. Wonton wrappers are a super easy alternative, and they have a little lighter texture to be used in a dish. SO if you use wonton wrappers in ravioli, you need to use them in a very light sauce. A heavy red meat sauce will overpower these delicate morsels. This light spinach aglio shown above is perfect for something like this. Onc…

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