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RECIPE: Slow Cooker Ginger and Rice Chicken Soup

Well, it snowed last night. and we have flurries today, so winter is here. Our mild fall has led us down a road of denial, but reality has finally hit. What is better than a warm soup waiting for you after a long, cold day at work? Nothing. And this meal fits the bill. It has an Asian slant to it with ginger and a little heat from Thai peppers. A splash of lime juice and fish sauce gives the soup some brightness as well as depth. I would suggest going beyond the garnishes I have here and have some fun with them, depending on what you family likes. 

The rice soaks up the soup as leftovers,  which actually is quite delicious. But it isn't really a soup at that point, but savory rice. I just want to warn you.

So if you don't need to rely on the crock pot the whole time, you can cook the rice separately in a pan or rice cooker and add it for serving time. Then store the rice separately for leftovers to keep the "soup vibe" the next day for lunch! Because trust me, you will…

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