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RECIPE: Light and Fit Apple Crisp

So are you freaking about beach season yet? Because I am! A few years ago, I went on the Fast Metabolism Diet, and I had really great success on it. It was more of a lifestyle change than trying to lose weight. It preaches clean eating and getting your body back in balance. It was very very strict, complicated and expensive. If I go back on it my husband may divorce me. But since then I have stayed pretty much dairy free most of the time, and gluten free (most of the time), and clean eating (most of the time).

But this past year, as I am getting older (cough cough*) I am noticing the pounds coming back. God is really mean when it comes to women's health and their bodies. Just say'n.

So I am going on Weight Watchers for 6 months to just get back down to my weight I am used to. I will tell you, it is coming off WAY slower than in my past, and I am being so strict! It is really frustrating, but I am sticking to it. Because slow as it is going, the scale is moving in the right di…

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